Industri Televisi dan Konstruksi Masyarakat Informasi

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Author : Iswandi Syahputra

The vast growing of communication technology is used in spreading real time information. This fast rate of information spread had made the world to be full of information and create global information society. Indonesian society is also move toward information society order. This information society order is highly determined by the progress of technology, communication industry, society culture, and regulation.

In Indonesia, television is an information spreading industry. As an economical organization, Indonesian television program are still considered delivering garbage information which is not needed by the society. To prevent society’s rights in receiving the needed information and to organize the quality of information which is spread by the television, there is the need of a regulation from independent body. This regulation will be the frame in forming the information society order.

The rights of society in receiving information have to be guaranteed by the law. Regulation also has to guarantee the establishment of democracy in television industry by applying diversity of content and diversity of ownership. Implementation of diversity of content and diversity of ownership will be related to the network broadcasting system which will be implemented in Indonesia.

Key Words: Industry, Television, Society, Information, Regulation


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